Saturday, January 7, 2012

New Years Resolutions

I became a bit frustrated with the fact that I've already broken pretty much every single New Years Resolution I set for myself, so I've decided to put them in print and organize them into more achievable goals. I hope to make each goal have real personal significance for my spiritual growth and well being this year. Each goal I set, I keep (that's my positive affirmation to myself). I've established three categories for my goals, going from general, to yearly, to more specific daily goals. First, who I want to BE. Underneath the BE I have to set goals for how I want to LIVE. Finally, the essential part of living is STRIVING DAILY or CONSTANTLY to meet personal expectations and goals.

BE: Worthy to be called a Righteous and Beloved Daughter of God
  LIVE BY: Meeting with the Relief Society Presidency and Bishop, to support and strengthen the sisters in the Relief Society
  LIVE BY: Studying the scriptures, lesson, leadership manuals provided by the church to strengthen and support individuals in their church responsibilities.
    DAILY: Study The Scriptures
    WEEKLY: Choose a topic and study it
  LIVE BY: Writing in my personal Journal
    DAILY: Write
  LIVE BY: Talking to all my family regularly
    DAILY: Pray for the members of my family
    WEEKLY: Blog
    MONTHLY: Talk to all the members of my immediate family

BE: Compassionate and Charitable
  LIVE BY: Visiting Teaching
    MONTHLY: Teach
  LIVE BY: Taking the time to stop and talk
    WEEKLY: Spend time before Relief Society talking with the sisters
  LIVE BY: Taking the time to get to know others
    DAILY: Meet one new person, or learn one new thing about someone you know

BE: Diligent in keeping all of God's Commandments
  LIVE BY: Attending the Temple
  LIVE BY: Studying the Scriptures and Writing in My Journal
  LIVE BY: Filling my idle time with worthy, meaningful endeavors
    WEEKLY: Work on a craft or service project

BE: In constant communication with my Heavenly Father
  LIVE BY: Praying to my Heavenly Father morning, mealtimes, nights, and whenever else needed
  LIVE BY: Sincerely completing a full fast

BE: Healthy & Strong physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually
  LIVE BY: Developing a Weight Loss Plan
    DAILY: Chart my progress
    WEEKLY: Report my progress
  LIVE BY: Losing 65 lbs
    DAILY: Eat nutrient dense foods for breakfast, lunch, and dinner
    DAILY: Cook/Prepare meals
    WEEKLY: Plan a menu and shop accordingly
  LIVE BY: Confiding my joys, sorrows, successes, and weaknesses to family and friends
    DAILY: Talk with friends or family
  LIVE BY: Reading one article from a professional journal
  LIVE BY: Reading educational literature

I have a whole list of "don't", but they're more personal and not as positive, so I won't be sharing them. I'll just finish by adding that I have faith and I am hopeful that as I fill my life with this good long list of expectations, the DON'T list will take care of itself.


Prairie Smoke said...

Well, I hope you don't live all these resolutions perfectly. If you did, you'd be translated. I'd REALLY miss you.

The Silly Witch said...

That's a lot of stuff sista! I'd miss you too if you were translated.

MT Missy said...

Haha, it's a good thing that these are more like LIFE resolutions, than New Years Resolutions. But a person can't stop striving!

Lisa said...

Go sister!

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