Thursday, April 9, 2009

Spring Time = Park Time

First we went to a Horse Park.

It had an awesome slide! There were little metal rollers on it that made you go down really fast.

We used kick boards to slide down it.

Weeeee! It was so fun.

Next we spent sometime monkeying around at a park with "The World's Largest Statue of Liberty in Japan".

One of the greatest activities they have is a zipline. FUN!!

...and finally we all posed majestically in imitation of the statue of liberty:

I took a lot of fun videos, too, but I don't know the secret of getting them to download quickly. Hopefully I'll be able to post them another day.

A Trip to the Beach

We went to Momoishi Beach on Monday and had a great time! The weather was beautiful (other than a little bit of wind) and the kids enjoyed collecting sea shells (I think we came away with at least 50!). They also had a ton of fun playing in the sand. It was really unique, too because the sand was really black and there was neat volcanic rock strewn throughout the beach.

There were these really neat steps that ascended up from the parking area to the beach walkway and to the beach itself.

Don't you think pink is the color to wear when playing at the beach?

Why is dumping sand on your hair so much fun?

This was your basic run o' the mill sea shell that the kiddos collected.

Headin' home after a great time at the beach!

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