Tuesday, March 17, 2009

I Have the Luck of the Irish!

I bet you didn't know that leprechauns live in Japan. I've been having a delightful time amongst them. They're a hard bunch to keep up with, being so little and quick and all, but running at a full sprint all day long is definitely worth it:

On St. Patty's Day I got to play with cute green leprechauns.

We danced and ran and were and were very very silly just as every leprechaun should be, and we made a great mess all over Prudence's table.

I tried and tried to capture a picture of this leprechaun standing still, but he was WAY too fast for me!

It's a little known fact that leprechauns are addicted to popcorn...sometimes they'll actually stand still for a minute to enjoy it.

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