Sunday, February 11, 2007

Church Bloopers

I must agree whole-heartedly with my brother-in-law...procrastination really does make time fly. I can scarcely believe that I am already into week 6 of the semester. The most exciting thing that has happened during the past month and a half is that all my gradschool apps. are submitted. Now I must learn more about the art of waiting patiently, knowing that there is not another tiny thing that you can do but hope and pray. Those are two pretty big things, though, so I'm sure that if I keep that up I'll know that the right thing has happened when the answers come rolling in.

The most amusing thing that happened today, was during church. During the intermediate hymn, a young man behind me began singing the third verse when we were just beginning the second. Usually people catch themsleves halfway through the first word, but he kept right on going through the entire first phrase. I don't know why, but for some reason church music bloopers are some of my favorite things. It must have something to do with people making fools of themselves in a very public place but still being in a good position to hope it goes unnoticed by the majority of the crowd. It gave me something to smile about and a good inner-chuckle any way.

One of my other favorite ridiculous church music moments is that one distinct individual who always sings in his/her loudest opera voice on that high note no one else is brave enough to attempt. Then there is always that cheerful soul that you can't help but appreciate, who sings with all the fervour he/she can muster but doesn't sing a single note that is actually written on the page. I'm not laughing at or mocking these people, but rather I think more than anything I smile because I respect their fearlessness; it's something that I would like to learn in certain aspects of my own life.

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