Saturday, July 24, 2010


My sister's littlest said her favorite part was the snacks.
My sister's oldest said she liked launching from the raft to the canoe.
Pippi said that she enjoyed her brief freezing swim and climb as she boarded the canoe.

I just loved the splashing, the floating, the pleas for more snacks, the laughing screams for help to reboard the raft, viewing the Pelicans and the rocks, squeals of concern from the more imaginative young children-sure they saw an alligator or a shark, the jokes, the laughter, the trip.

Friday, July 23, 2010

Damage Report

1 outfit doused in gasoline
1 vomit covered T-shirt
1 room covered in crayons, pens, pencils, markers, and paper
1 room covered in boxes, cords, electronic parts, wood chips, and saws
1 book attacked by scissors

And I find it really hard not to laugh.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

The Storm before the Calm

I wish I could describe in detail and attach pictures of what our house is like from dinner time until the nieces' and nephews' bedtime. Exhausted children screaming, purposefully knocking food to the floor, running away from the table and being firmly asked to return and finish their meal, infants still too young for the yummy foods grabbing and crying because they are not yet allowed to fully participate in the mealtime ritual, the discovery of one innocent covered head to toe in shoe polish, dog food serving as dessert for a toddler, the drying racks on the deck being used as pretend fishing poles until requested to put them away, tears about bath time, food, toys, everything....

And then the sweet moments: calls made playing on walkie-talkies, sweet boys who rescue their sisters (from the mistaken impression that shoe polish is lotion) and run to get an adult to help, sharing carrots, marshmallows, and toys, children curled up contentedly for bedtime stories, beautiful sunsets, toddlers saying the cutest things imaginable such as "Door-open!" "are you a boy or a girl?" "are you Mommy or a kitty?", babies snuggling against their mommies and giving the most precious smiles imaginable, little girls sharing in the joy of holding dolls, dressing up in grandma's old jewelry, campfires with all the children finally wearing shoes and "flaming" (not roasting) marshmallows.

Yes. I love it when my family at last gathers together.

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