Monday, January 25, 2010

Too funny

Today I was working with a little boy who is trying to master the challenging 'r' sounds, and right in the middle of speech he stopped abruptly and said: 'Argh, bad tongue!' and I burst out laughing. He grinned at my laughter and said, 'Well, it's just that my tongue is so unruly.'

Later in the day I was working with a first grader on saying sentences with the tricky 'L' sound in them. He was forming a sentence with the word 'lamb' in it and couldn't think of what to say, so I asked him, 'Who had a little lamb?' To which he responded 'Larry had a little lamb.'

Do you see why I love my job?

For the record, I'm hot. I was working with a little boy with Autism today and he burst out, 'Miss Kristy is so hot!' Oh so good for my self esteem.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Snow Shoeing

We didn't take pictures, but we certainly had fun. This Saturday Mom, Dad, and I went up the Warm Springs Creek trail and tromped through a fresh layer of fallen snow. We tripped over our snow shoes trying to dump snow from the low branches of the trees onto each others' heads and determined that snow shoeing seems to be a better workout than cross country skiing.

Although, as Mom pointed out, when your headed down hill on cross country skiis, it is often an exercise in adrenaline. Toward the end of our tromp in the mountains the snow on the tops of the trees started to slide off and we were surrounded by cascades of falling snow. Beautiful!

I'm not looking forward to snow on the roads as I return to Thompson Falls, but I'm hopeful that there might be enough snow there to see if the Mule Pasture trail (where I've gone running on occasion) is any good on cross country skiis.

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