Tuesday, August 10, 2010

We cannot do everything

As I reestablish my school year routine, I am grateful for the advice I read in the Ensign in a talk entitled "All Things in Wisdom and Order". Elder Taggart of the Seventy said--in speaking with a mother of twelve--she commented, "We cannot do everything, all the time, all at once. We can, through the years, do many things, at different times, one at a time. It is important to see choices as opportunities, not as frustrations." I love this. "One at a time" is my new theme for the year. I cannot do everything, but I can, through time, do many things, at different times, one at a time.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Four Wheelin' & Hiking

What a great way to end my summer fun at home: Mom, Dad, and I went up to the Tizers yesterday and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. We drove into Tizer Lake, then hiked into Hidden Lake. It was so beautiful I could have stayed there all day....except for the mosquitoes. Of course it wouldn't have been true four wheeling if there hadn't been any rain (fortunately, it didn't last too long), and we discovered a ton of hiking trails. It's a shame you can't access any of them unless you happen to own an off-road vehicle.

We visited a Hidden Lake,
enjoyed the sunshine,

Encountered flowers so beautiful I couldn't resist stealing a few,

Survived mosquitoes so fearsome that they almost tripped Dad.

And avoided being enticed into eating monster mushrooms.

All in all, it was a great adventure.


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