Thursday, July 30, 2009

Dearborn Bike-Hiking

Tuesday was a fantastic day! I remember hiking up this trail when I was in middle school or high school. Fortunately biking through part of the trail makes the going a bit quicker so we could cover more ground. It was beautiful. These pictures can't adequately show how beautiful this hike was. We crossed the Dearborn River, two streams, and Milky Creek, so we were able to enjoy plenty of water, plus mud since it rained the night before. We changed into our swim attire and splashed around Milky Creek for about an hour, then it started raining pretty heavily and we were still soaked through, so we didn't bother changing back into our dry clothes. The rain just added to the adventure, with all those dark threatening-looking storm clouds swirling in around us.
We saw the largest herd of elk I've ever seen as we were driving towards the trailhead. This little one was having a hard time making it over the fence...I hope he got through eventually, I'm sure he had an anxious mama waiting for him.

The Bridge crosses over the Dearborn. This picture is much more flattering than the one we took on the way back...we were sopping wet and covered in mud.

This picture doesn't do justice to the gobs of mud that covered the both of us and our bikes

The entire bed of this creek was a smooth stone rock and it had the neatest little pools to wade through.

More Pictures of the Gorgeous Dearborn River.

This is Milky Creek. It is by far one of the coolest places I have ever been. These pictures, again, just can't do justice to how awesome this place is. There were little areas along the river bed that are completely smooth stone, and we were actually able to slide down them like you would a water slide. There were also little cascades all around us, the water was warmer than the other creeks and clay collected all around the edges of the river. There were also these funny looking dried flowers everywhere that were curled around into a spiral point. I think everyone needs to plan a trip up to Milky Creek. It's just before the Bob Marshall Wilderness, so of course the rest of the landscape is stunning, too.

Sunday, July 26, 2009


Dad: "After all the money we spent on her college education, this is how she repays us...beating us at Scrabble!

"Maybe we should kick her out of the house."

And so at the end of the week I will leave having experienced such tender remarks filled with feelings of warmth and love. But you know, after consistently losing for the last fifteen years I think it's about time I won a game every now and then.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Montana Plates

I don't know why, but it feels like something of a right of passage to have Montana plates back on my vehicle, once more loudly proclaiming that I AM in fact a Montana resident. I was so excited that I tore off the Utah plates and put on the Montana ones as soon as I possibly could.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

When you get a life will you...?

A short while ago, I visited Prudence. While I was there, her oldest daughter asked me if I was going to stay. I replied that I was taking a vacation but soon I would need to get on with my life and get a job and find a new place to live. Several days later, she surprised me by saying, "When you get a life, will you have a husband?" Through out the course of my visit these questions persisted: "When you get a life, will you have a dog?" "When you get a life will you live with Grandma?" "When you get a life, will you have children?"

I returned to Montana and tearfully left my sister and her family behind in Japan. I was delighted, though, when I found out that they had opted to vacation at my parents house and I would still be here. I had forgotten those questions, until my sweet niece came up to me and asked conversationally, "Do you have a life yet?"

My answer to her today would be: Well, my dear, I'm definitely making strides! Two weeks ago I was offered a job in Thompson Falls, MT and I've accepted the position. I can't tell you how excited I am! On Thursday Mom and I took the 3 1/2 hour trip over there, admired the scenery, explored a little tourist shop, and went apartment hunting. I've found myself the nicest little apartment there.

Here it is, as Lisa said when I showed her this picture, "It looks like the outside of an apartment building."

Here's my front room. I've got a little propane fireplace in the corner there.

Behold my kitchen, huge isn't it?

I've got the nicest little porch in the back. I don't have to do any of the yard maintenance, so I can just sit back and admire the view. I can't wait to get my swing from Mexico set up out there!

It comes with a washer & dryer. Hurray!

That's the Clark Fork River. Pretty, huh?

The church is just a couple of blocks down from my apartment.

Thompson Falls is one of five towns I'll be working in.

Here's the Jeep that I'll be driving around in.

And here's the view from the Elementary School.

It's beautiful isn't it? I feel so fortunate to be living in such a beautiful place with a comfortable home, and family that's not too far away! Thanks for accompanying me on this little tour of my soon to be new home. :)

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