Sunday, November 23, 2008

Thanksgiving, My Favorite Holiday

I love the feeling of gratitude that pervades throughout the entire week leading up to Thanksgiving. Today we had three fabulous talks about thanksgiving. There's a great intangible feeling of hope, love, and happiness that accompanies gratitude. I have an abundance of things to be grateful for:

My family
My education
Good friends I've made in Logan
So many happy memories
Excellent Professors, Teachers, and Mentors
Graduating in May!
Spending Thanksgiving with my Parents, Brother, and Grandma
Having most of my big assignments due before Thanksgiving (rather than after it)
A great ward of fantastic young single adults
The Savior, Jesus Christ, and His infinite atonement
The Gospel of Jesus Christ
All the amazing blessings I've received since returning from my mission
And so many other list could go on forever!

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Interview in Orem Tomorrow

Wish me luck! I have my interview for the Orem Externship tomorrow. If all goes well that's where I'll be next semester!


I have to admit, working in the schools hasn't been my most favorite experience. It's growing on me, though. As I get to know the kids better, they have become more willing to cooperate and listen to me. Occasionally my supervisor still has to intervene with a comment such as "Johnny, just because I'm not over there, doesn't mean that you can behave that way with Ms. Price." Usually they listen to me, though. Since I've been given a bit more independence about activities that I choose and how I teach, it's been more fun, too.

My favorite little boy I work with is a little guy who is working on articulation. He usually comes in and sits down with a little bit of a sour attitude. Then I say with a smile, "Wait a second, we don't act that way at Speech!" and he laughs and works really well with me. It doesn't matter what game I work with him on, he looks for the fun in it and seems to have a good time.

This week we played the bug game. It's a really simple game I found online for artic. therapy, where you hide the bugs underneath the sound cards that you work with, and when the child finds a bug he gets to decide if he wants to put it on a web for a spider to catch or on a leaf so it can "get away." It's super simple, but this little man thought it was so fun, he couldn't wait to take it home for homework!

I used the game with a group of kids that had a girl in it, too. This little gal is hilarious. She's got a really fun spunky attitude. She kept insisting that it wasn't fair that I given them a whole bunch of different bugs, but had neglected to give them butterflies. I finally agreed to bring butterflies for the next time, so that she would work hard for me, instead of going on and about the butterflies. Too funny!

Sunday, November 9, 2008


This evening I was spotlighted during our Ward Prayer. It's basically the ward's opportunity to ask you funny questions about yourself in the attempt to get to know you a little better. They asked me the typical questions: Where are you from? What's your major? and How many siblings do you have? But the last question of the evening got me thinking....

"What were you for Halloween?"

Well, since I have an awesome sombrero and plenty of bandannas, I decided to be a Mexican Bandit for Halloween. I have to admit, I looked pretty good, I mean, I was pretty convincing (maybe not as convincing as the guy in the picture, but still...). I was so convincing, though, that it got me into serious trouble with (as Prairie has so fondly nicknamed her) She-who-must-not-be-named.

Based on the information given above, can you figure out what she falsely accused me of this week?

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