Sunday, March 30, 2008

The Down Hill Slope

Hurray! I finished my midterms last week, and so far the results have been encouraging. If I can just keep it up for another month, I'll have survived my first year of Graduate School. That means one more semester of course work, another semester of an Externship after that, and I'll graduate. I'll then just have to do my 1 year for a CFY (a year of supervised practice), and I'll be a tried and true certified, ASHA accredited Speech Language Pathologist! (Fortunately the last year is paid.)

I'm also on the downhill slope for Relief Society. The Bishop asked me to speak in church on April 13th, and one of his counselor's said that they're trying to get new people called to the Relief Society Presidency by the time we speak. I finished up this month with a bang, though. We had our Relief Society Birthday Celebration, and it was awesome! We held it in the big beautiful home of one of the counselors in the Bishopric, it was catered by this yummy Mexican restaurant (that everyone in Logan loves) called Cafe Sabor, and we had an awesome speaker who spoke on the theme 'The Power to Change'.

The setup was quick and easy, and I didn't even have to help with taking things down. Even better, we had a record breaking number of sisters attend: 45 of them! We usually get about 45 to 50 sisters who attend Relief Society, and usually only about 2-5 who come to Enrichment, but we must have done something right this time, because they all came. . .

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