Friday, May 20, 2011

Three More Reasons to Spend Time with Children

1. I was in St. Regis later than usual yesterday, because of a meeting in Hot Springs, and Kathy informed me that one of the students was really upset because she didn't get to see me. Kathy said the only way she could persuade her to focus and complete her work was by assuring her that I would stop in at her classroom when I came for the day. There was no need. The sweetie came tripping along the hallway a few minutes later, peeked her head in the speech room and shouted, "Miss Kristy! I missed you and I wanted to tell you that you are SO beautiful!" Then she ran into the room and threw her arms around me in a big hug.

2. I was working with a little kindergarten guy today and as I leaned across the table to show him something he looked up, smiled, then reached out to stroke my hair and say, "yo -aio i- so bu-e-o". Being the master linguist and interpreter that I am I said "You think my hair is beautiful?" To which he exclaimed, "Yes!" (We worked on that word all last year...)

3. One of the favorite parts of my job is exiting students from speech. We throw an exit party and really celebrate in order to congratulate the kids on how well they have done and their great hard work. Today I stopped by a classroom to get a teacher's signature to exit one of her students from speech before the end of the school year. As I passed through the classroom I saw the kiddo who is going to be exited and I informed him that he was going to finish out speech at the end of the year, and wouldn't have speech any more next year. He asked about the party and I told him it would be on Tuesday. He grinned, and then suddenly a look of dismay appeared on his face and reaching out he grabbed my hand exclaiming, "But I'm going to miss you!"

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