Saturday, April 25, 2015

Online Garage Sale

I've decided to simplify and de-clutter my life. If you're interested in any of these items and live in the Billings, MT area, I'd be willing to meet you at the LDS church located on Monad in the parking lot. I'm Kristy. Call me at 406-Six7One-7twotwo9...please don't spam me.

I discovered after only about 5 tries, that Cricut cutting vinyl lettering and cutting other paper projects was not for me. But maybe it's your thing. It comes with a box full of vinyl, three cartridges I purchased and two previously loaded on, a stylus, and all the necessary cords and manuals: $50.00

I've switched over to electronic scrapbooking, but if you enjoy playing with paper, then this bag is for you. It has three scrapbooks with empty pages in them. the tote has lots of clear pockets and storage compartments that pull out for easy use: $10.00

Queen size duvet cover: $4.00

Four 8x10 frames: $8.00

LED Flickering candles...almost a full package: $1.00

Japanese art...I could never find the right place for it in my house, but it's really cool, and it's really from Japan, some light scratches on one panel: $5.00

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